Will Edge Chips Replace Physical Servers ? 

Neuristor circuits will perform super-edge computations similar to how the brain does them, reducing network loads and possibly making some networks redundant.

Device’s Dependency

 Hardware processing could replace a device’s dependency on networks, Making machines more efficient, and saving power
Devices like drones depend on a constant Wi-Fi signal. If the Wi-Fi stops, the drone crashes.

However, if you make a device independent of any linking, it could become more resilient, the researchers say. In addition, the more processing work one can do on the machine the more energy you will save because you will not have to come up with power to communicate.

“The idea is we want to have these chips that can do all the functioning in the chip, rather than messages back and forth with some sort of large server,” scientists say.

The man-made neuristor circuits in development try to copy actual biological neurons in the brain.

Researchers could lead to more inexpensive, energy-efficient, and high-density neuristor circuits and give us more energy-efficient and adaptable computing sooner.

The Binghamton researchers, along with researchers at Georgia Tech, are working on developing a kind of neuristor circuit that will allow all device processing to take place at the chip level, meaning there will be no network load or indeed any requirement to communicate using a network at all. Neuristor circuits are brain-copying computer chips.

By doing that, power is saved, but also the machine becomes powerful enough to react to its environment without having to query a larger set of machines somewhere else. That is not only faster and maybe more reliable, but it also saves energy. One could look at it as edge networks gone extreme.

The future is coming.

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